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Can I sue Mckdonalds for giving me a phobia?

Madison, WI |

I went into mckdonalds and found black floaties in my drink, either bacteria or cleaning supplies from the nozel, and said something to the manager. She told us that it was a cleaning error, and refunded our meal money. A month later we stopped in at the same mckdonalds, bought a meal and checked the fountains, it was even more dirty than it was the last time after finding bacteria fall into our drinks.. This time They had a different story about it. I cant even drink from a fountain without feeling discusted and taking time to wipe the nozel most the time I have to bring in my own drink. They Don't clean their fountains proberly. Can I sue them for giving me this phobia when it comes to public drinks and accidently drinking the substance? Im on disability for anxiety to begin with.

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  1. Sorry for your dilemma. I'm very doubtful that any attorney would view this as a viable claim. My strong suggestion is that you dine somewhere else. Of course, you may report this to the local board of health.

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  2. You would face an uphill battle on this one. Try Burger King.

  3. Doubtful.

  4. No, but why not eat somewhere healthy for a change?

  5. Send a letter reporting them to the corporate office in IL. McDonald's corporate is very hardcore about quality control and would take such a complaint seriously even if the local shift managers apparently don't. But no, you have no claim. Your pre-existing anxiety doesn't help your situation.

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  6. Bacteria are not visible to the naked eye, and your pre-existing anxiety disorder would need to be taken into account. That being said, there should not be foreign matter floating in your soft drinks. If it happens again, the suggestion to report it to the licensing authority is a good one.

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  7. In Milwaukee we would call local news TMJ4's Dirty Dining reporter to investigate. As for anxiety, no.

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