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Can I sue Keiser University for not entering the right information on file when I submitted all paper work?

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I registered for school last month and the administer who did my registration is not longer an employee at this University. She most likely quit or got fired. I met with the finicial aid department and I gave her all the information needed for grants and loans. She then told me in personal the monthly payment and how I did not qualified for grams due to because I have used all the government money on my previous degree. I was okay with the montly payment and just recently made my first payment for this month($353). Prior to this, I paid for application fee and registration fee (the total of $200). Yesterday I received a call from the Financial Aid department and told me that she didn't know I have a B.A degree and now my monthly payment is $700. Now I cannot get my refund.

The financial aid department told me that I would be responsible for the first week of class since since I am withdrawing from school. She also gave me some options in which I refused to do in order to continue my career in Nursing.

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It is unlikely this student would prevail, in court, unless they somehow were able to get the University to provide a copy of the form the student submitted versus the information the erstwhile Financial Aid employee entered. Even then a negligence theory against the university in suit (or perhaps countersuit if the university sues to recover more money) seems tenuous at best,

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So I would loose the amount I gave them? Is it right to be charge for the first week of class since it wasn't my fault that the Financial department put the wrong information on file? When I spoke to the repersentive, she told me that no where on file says that I have a B.A then I spoke to someone in the admissions department and she clearly said the opposite.

Todd Bruce Kotler

Todd Bruce Kotler


Your rights are dictated by the paperwork you signed when you enrolled. Those papers are also contracts. You need to read them. Typically they are very favorable to the school; as for the student, not so much.

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