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Can I sue if I was assualted at a corporate function.

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I was assaulted by two vice presidents, two operations managers at a corporate function i was kicked in the face and held down and punched in the face twice. I have a metal plate in my jaw from a previous accident and 6 post and crowns. 3 of which are broken and and I have severe lacerations on my lips and displace cartlidge on my nose.

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  1. It does not matter where you were beaten. You can sue the people who injured you. Any of the people who hit or kicked you can be held responsible to pay for your injuries, including pain and suffering. Also, most states allow you to ask for punitive damages in addition to the other damages.
    Your question might be asking whether you can sue the corporation for what the vice presidents and managers did. There are many questions to ask before that question can be answered. The attackers would have to be deemed acting within the scope of their employment and on behalf of the corporation. Many times it is better to sue the person rather than the corporation. It is always a question of how the damages will be paid if you win your case. Many insurance policies have an exclusion for intentional or illegal acts, and only cover accidents and negligence. Many corporations have little in the way of assets to pay a judgment. On the other hand, the persons may have very little money. All of these considerations should be discussed with an experienced local attorney.

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  2. It sounds like there could easily be criminal as well as civil damages. You should definitely consult with an attorney regarding how best to proceed. Did you file a police report?

    If your question is whether you can sue the corporation for your damages, then the answer is very likely NO. There is usually not liability for the criminal acts of others. More facts are needed about what took place, however, and you will need an attorney to pursue a civil lawsuit.

    James Frederick

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  3. Yes you can sue...officers ofma corporation are held to a higher standard and depending on other circumstances that relate tomthe why they did this to you will in all likelihood have the corporation's insurance carrier orderly some money to you to get a release from the claimant let you pursue the perpetrators personally as well. Go sit with a personal injury lawyer whomcan best gauge the angles of attack. Thenactions could be retaliatory in nature for something they perceivenyoundidnto hurt tencompany and it that was true then it would not be too difficult to connect their actions as being business related and motivated by the employer's position and needs that you may have somehow damged-- who know the real facts but that is what a consultation with an experienced attorney will help you sort out what is relevant and actionable vs. What is unimportant.

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  4. Yes

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