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Can I sue for wrongful demotion?

Pinellas Park, FL |

I started off as a shift manager at a retail store 3.5 years ago within a few months I was promoted to assistant manager. since I have been a assistant and have been moved to a new store and I am running it on a day to day basis. I got a paid raise in dec 2011. 2 weeks ago I was told that I was being demoted to a shift manager and a girl who was hired 3 months ago will take my spot. she has no experience and hasnt worked in the last 8 years. I was told i was being demoted b/c I wasnt passionate enough and didnt network enough and I have a degree in crime scene and there sure I want to do something with that one day. There is no reason to y i would be demoted but they always kept mentioning my school degree and not a thing about my acutally work!! Can I sue them. This is in florida.

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Probably not. In Florida, you are an at will employee and an employer may take action for no reason, a good or bad reason, fair or unfair, factually correct or incorrect. Absent discrimination based on gender, race, religition, national origin, disability or pregnancy you likely would not have a claim given the facts you provided.

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The demotion may be actionable if you can demontrate that it was done for a discriminatory reason, such as your gender. I would recommend you contact counsel in your area to look into filing a Charge with the EEOC. Once that process is completed (by law 180 days), you could bring a civil suit if the facts support one.

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