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Can I sue for slander, libel, deformation of character and emotional distress?

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this is over a period of 2 1/2 years my adolescent child has a history of violence, and verbal manipulation. Does not want to come home with me is in a foster home in another state there is no evidence of anything bad in my home except where police were called because of my child's behavior which police took the child to juvi The grandparents have been trying to obtain custody which I disagree with as suitable, there have multiple domestic violence police reports, due to an unstable mentally medicated grandmother the grandparents have slandered me and provided false information about me making me look bad , which can be proven wrong. I have lost countless nights of sleep and I have lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. all due to the grandparents

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  1. You can sue, but whether or not you win is a different story entirely. Defamation cases are extremely expensive to pursue. One of the more difficult aspects is proving your damages. Lost sleep is not enough. How was the alleged defamatory information provided to third parties? If you have not done so already, you should make a copy of the publications or if a computer post, screen shot the posts.

  2. You can "sue" for just about anything. Prevailing is another story. In my 9 years of practice I have never seen a slander claim prevailed upon in Family Court. Most often it is a claim that perturbs the judge and is seen as a vexatious litigant.

  3. Before bringing a claim, one needs to understand the requirements. Here is a bird's eye view of defamation (specifically, slander and libel).

    Defamatory language—(i) language diminishing respect, esteem, or goodwill toward P, (ii) of or concerning P (reasonable 3rd party believes language refers to particular P, (iii) publication—intentional or negligent communication to 3rd party, and (iv) Falsity (public concern).

    Libel – written, printed or otherwise recorded in permanent form; general damages that compensate P for harm to reputation

    Slander – spoken word, gesture, or any form other than libel; special damages required; 3rd party heard comments and acted adversely to P; usually, but not always, economic loss

    This is the common law. It will likely vary in Nevada. Contact a local lawyer.

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