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Can i sue for personal injury?

Norfolk, VA |

I recently ate at a fast food establishment. I ordered a pork bbq sandwich and when I took the first bite I was stabbed in the roof of my mouth by a sharp piece of something that appeared to be bone. Any advice?

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  1. In Florida where I practice the case law would not be on your side. Bones in chicken is seen as something that should be expected, as naturally occuring and would not constitute a dangerous food product. You should consult with an attomey in your area to see how your state law views this fact pattern. I would add the if you are not seriously injured the cost of proceeding might outweigh what you could expect to recover. Good luck to you.

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  2. Whether it was a bone or something else in your food, without an injury sustainedrequiring medical attention , there would be no cause to file a lawsuit.

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  3. If this object is a bone it would be very hard to win this case in most states because one would expect a bone to be in this type of meat. In addition, if your injures are very minor then you have to ask yourself would filing a law suit really be worth it.

    But with that said, you still may want to talk your situation over with an attorney in your area to get your state's position on this area of the law.

    Good luck!

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  4. Ouch! I agree with the other contributors in that it would not be worth pursuing a suit if you did not have to go to the doctor/suffer medical injury.

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