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Can I sue for personal injury?

Fort Worth, TX |

I walked into a McDonalds planning to purchase a product. I decided to go to the restroom first to wash my face and hands before I ordered. I was immediately stopped by a security officer. He stated that in order to use the restroom I had to purchase a product. I answered that I had to wash my hand and face so I can comfortably think about the product I was going to purchase. He then again told me in an unruly tone that I had to purchase a product to enter the restroom. Notice the restroom was not locked and had no sign to back up his statement. I decided to complexly ignore his words and made my way calmly to the restroom. Halfway there he grabbed me from my neck and the back part of my shirt using excessive force and dragged me out of the premises like a dog. Injuring my neck and back.

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  1. Sure you can. However, there will likely be an issue about your status at McD's and the duty of care it owed to you.

    If you want to discuss please email me at or call on my mobile: (206) 714-1421. Thanks.

  2. Best to use the AVVO find-a-lawyer feature to locate a personal injury lawyer in Fort Worth to speak to about this. You may have a claim, and whether it is worth pursuing will depend on the extent of the injuries to your neck and back. When you visit the lawyer, be sure to explain all the medical treatment you received for these injuries.

  3. Suing someone is always an option, but it doesn't sound like you were injured very bad. If so, get medical treatment and contact a lawyer.

  4. You can certainly retain a local personal injury lawyer if you were injured. Best bet is to stay away from fast food, and start eating healthy food. Good idea?

  5. Yes, you can sue. The Texas constitution guarantees all citizens free access to our courts. This means that anyone can sue anyone, at any time, anywhere, for any reason, for any amount of money and without first proving anything to anyone. However, filing a lawsuit and winning one are two entirely different things.

    I suggest that you consult a Fort Worth plaintiffs' lawyer who is certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. A link to the Board's website appears below.

    Based on your post, your case may be a difficult one. The restaurant does not need a sign to back up what its employees say to members of the public who enter its premises, any more than you need a sign in front of your house to prohibit members of the general public from entering it without your permission. Without meaning to take sides against you with either the security guard or the restaurant, I suspect that your own conduct in ignoring what the guard told you is going to be a serious issue if you pursue this legally.

    Good luck.

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