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Can i sue for false imprisonment

Buffalo, MN |

i was charge through in jail for two days case was dismissed

they also posted my picture online in anoka Can i sue for false imprisonment Asked 2 minutes ago - Buffalo, MN False Arrest False Imprisonment i was charge put in jail for two days case was dismissed

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Many arrests do not end up in convictions, and often times the cases get dismissed. An officer only needs probably cause to make an arrest, which is much lower than the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt needed for a conviction. Although it is not the answer you are looking for, you do not have a suit against the police for false imprisonment. My advice would be to be thankful that the case was dismissed (and dismissed early enough that you only spend two days in jail -- could have been much longer).

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Perhaps, depending on the facts. I usually get clients $2,000 per day in jail, but call a lawyer in your state to review. Good luck.

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my cell 612-300-4709 i need one in Minnesota to take my case


Based on the information you provided I would say you do not have a case. The following facts would be needed to determine if you do have a case: 1. the reason you were arrested; 2. why the case was dismissed; 3. why you were sent to jail for two days and not released after the arrest.

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