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Can I sue for Emotional distress?

Tacoma, WA |

My grandmother is the devil. She has made my life hell for years, she slanders my name to everyone she can in person and online. She sends me nasty emails, calls my place of work and tells lies, makes false CPS claims against me and now she's trying to help my ex boyfriend take our daughter and terminate my rights so his wife can adopt her. Although that is unlikely to happen because I'm a awesome mother and stable and he and his wife dont work she's a prostitute (not name calling that what she does for a living. At their home with the kids there) in another state to get away, I've moved 9 times, changed numbers, emails and facebook has her blocked she STILL wont leave me alone. I'm so stressed I can't eat. I cant sleep and I dont know what to do about her anymore.

She's made so many lies I have ZERO family anymore. I haven't been able to talk or see my oldest daughter in over a year because the lies she told her father. I miss too much work from all the stress and I am seeing a Dr for this because it's gotten so bad I started believing the bad things she says about me. My self esteem is in the garbage

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In Michigan you would have a very difficult time finding an attorney to handle that matter without a very large cash retainer. Defamation cases or emotional distress cases are very expensive to prosecute and more often than not have to go through trial and there is no insurance to cover the case. This means that collecting on a judgment, if any, is difficult. If she is walking the street as you indicate in your question, most attorneys would not feel they could make a recovery for their hard efforts. If you are very wealthy and want pay alot of money to an attorney to file the suit, I trust you can find an attorney to handle it. Good luck

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