Can I sue for damages to my property eroding due to their grading the dirt road 2-3 ft below mine.

6yrs ago they purchased land with a dirt road that runs behind my house and started a dirt pit. when I complained to the tceq about all the noise, dirt and dust they told them they were digging a lake for a development. well that was 6yrs ago and it is still in progess 6 days a week. I estimate 100-300 trips up the back of my property a day by dump trucks. not on sunday, but we are covered in dirt and dust. inside and outside my house, I have discovered the property behind my house that I own is eroding about 10-20 ft away from their road. due to constant grading of the road after each rain...I cant keep my windows clean, cars constantly covered, dust inside house all the time. cant have company.over the trucks are 12 hours a day 6 days a week and on holidays.

Montgomery, TX -

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Craig Bernard Mitchell

Craig Bernard Mitchell

Workers' Compensation Lawyer - New Orleans, LA

You should be able to bring a claim for damages. Contact a local attorney - you can try to find one by searching Avvo.

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