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Can I sue ENC Bank for unlawfully withholding funds ?

Meadville, PA |

1 ) I opened a PNC Bank account Friday 8 , 2013 to deposit a paycheck . 2 ) Two weeks later I go back to cash my paycheck and withdraw an extra 100 dollars ( buying a cheap car ) . 3 ) They tell me I cannot just cash it because I have a new account and that I would have to wait till the following day to have full access to my money . 4 ) I went back to PNC the next day and they refused to give me any money from my account because I have a new account and it's apparently a risk . So they say I have to wait till Tuesday to even touch my paycheck . So my question is , can I sue PNC for unlawfully withholding my funds ? There is nothing in the paper work I signed stating that they could / would withhold any funds for a duration of two business days ( minimum ) on new account holders .

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  1. I would encourage you to sit down with a bank representative (someone with more information than a teller), in a branch, and calmly discuss the situation. It's likely they will provide some added clarity to the situation.

    While I empathize with your frustration, seeking a resolution without resorting to litigation can often yield a far more positive result.

    This is NOT legal advice. The information contained herein is observational and for reference only. These posts are in no way intended as legal advice or counsel. Further, I am not your attorney and you are not my client. I bear no duty to provide counsel, representation or advice to you in any way. The statements I provide in this posting on Avvo do not in any way constitute an attorney-client relationship. Further, these statements are general in nature and made based on the limited facts presented by you, the Poster. Nothing I've written here should be relied upon when making legal decisions. It is your responsibility to consult an appropriately qualified attorney to seek legal advice.

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