Can I sue ENC Bank for unlawfully withholding funds ?

Asked about 2 years ago - Meadville, PA

1 ) I opened a PNC Bank account Friday 8 , 2013 to deposit a paycheck . 2 ) Two weeks later I go back to cash my paycheck and withdraw an extra 100 dollars ( buying a cheap car ) . 3 ) They tell me I cannot just cash it because I have a new account and that I would have to wait till the following day to have full access to my money . 4 ) I went back to PNC the next day and they refused to give me any money from my account because I have a new account and it's apparently a risk . So they say I have to wait till Tuesday to even touch my paycheck . So my question is , can I sue PNC for unlawfully withholding my funds ? There is nothing in the paper work I signed stating that they could / would withhold any funds for a duration of two business days ( minimum ) on new account holders .

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  1. Answered . I would encourage you to sit down with a bank representative (someone with more information than a teller), in a branch, and calmly discuss the situation. It's likely they will provide some added clarity to the situation.

    While I empathize with your frustration, seeking a resolution without resorting to litigation can often yield a far more positive result.

    This is NOT legal advice. The information contained herein is observational and for reference only. These posts... more

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