Can i sue California or cya for forcing me to register as sex offender for 15 years when never had that requirement?

i was on parole for one year we i got a new parole officer. after i was on parole for all most a year and half with only 11 months left he told me that the D.o..j had told him that i had to register as sex offender. i told him that i had no such requirement in any of my paper work and he told me if i didn't in 5 days i was going back to cya. so for the 15 years i have been trying relief form this duty. i have found paper work in my file that show that someone had change my paper work so that i would have to registry as a sex offender and now the state have giving me relief but only after i showed them this paper work.

Santa Clarita, CA -

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John M. Kaman

John M. Kaman

Criminal Defense Attorney - San Francisco, CA

The Courts will be interested to know why it took you 15 years to find this unidentified piece of paper. In general people don't get relief for some perceived injustice when they have slept on their rights. Of course feel free to bang your head against the wall; I am sure you will find an attorney with nothing better to do than destroy a forest of trees somewhere, somehow.

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