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Can I sue because of poor customer service?

Charlottesville, VA |

A local business owner and associate came to my home to assess property damage that was done when a new heat pump was installed. When I mentioned that I was treated rudely on the phone by an employee, (which happened to be the owner's son), I was yelled at, told I was wrong and basically chewed out. My husband was at work and I was there alone with this. I felt very intimidated and uncomfortable but managed to end the verbal beating that I was taking and continue to go over the other issues. When I pointed out a dent in the top of the unit, the owner acted like it was ridiculous but agreed to replace part. All in all, if they cover the damages, do I just have to suck up this terrible experience to a life lesson? Can business owners get away with treating customers this way?

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    You generally cannot sue for poor customer service or rudeness. However, you can issue a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in your community, and be sure you don't reward that company by giving them more of your business. If their work is faulty, that is another issue entirely, and may create liability on their part. But sheer rudeness alone does not generally create a cause of action against a business.

  2. Rudeness and bad customer service are bad business practices, but they are not actionable. If they repair the part, then they have done their part. I suggest that you stop doing business with that company. You can always give your opinion to others if it makes you feel better.

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  3. You don't have any right to sue, but you do have a right to let others know about your experience.

    Businesses that deal with the public depend on their reputations to continue having customers. After you have completed your transaction with this business, let others know about your poor experience. There are many websites that rate local businesses and potential customers read the reviews when deciding who to hire.

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