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Can I sue because of misinformation on the web?

Collegeville, PA |

When I was 15 years old I was a runaway. The Police reports mistakenly were leaked out to the newspapers and are all over the web. They were warped misinformed reports that were publicized as a juvenile and haven't been taken down. Now I am 18 and the results of this have been devastating. I am unable to get a job and have even been told that they won't hire me because of what they saw when they Google me. I have put in dozens of application and none have been willing to hire. This was three years ago. Is it too late to do anything? Do I sue the state police for letting the police reports leak? Should I sue the papers for allowing misinformation about a child to become public? What do I do?

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There are companies online that can add positive information to push the negative information back several pages, such as

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An unfortunate situation. I agree with my colleague. Look into as your quickest resolution.

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