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Can I sue a university for a diploma and other damages?

Waterloo, IA |

It was the universities claim that I did not take my final exam. (online courses for Kaplan University) Tech support does not show me as logged in on that day.
Since then I have had a computer tech look into my cache of my computer and found evidence that I had taken the exam. I included these attachments with my appeals but to no avail.
I have been dismissed from the school after completing the entire course with an 85% grade for not taking the final.
I took the test, I logged in to take the test, so I need to know how to force them to take a better look into their computer cache like we did with mine. I was not offered to retake the exam or any other options.
The cost of the course...$30,000.00.

I have gone completely thru the appeals process with Kaplan.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. This asker ought to contact a personal injury attorney or contracts (or perhaps fraud)lawyer to review all of the policies of the Kaplan University (KU) and the contract or agreement originally signed by this student. Most likely these writngs severely limit the students venues to file suit and the kinds of recovery which one is entitled. Having said that most of these kinds of lawyers will at least provide a 1/2 hr, consultation. Be respectful of the lawyer's time and have all of the facts and documents gathered and ready to present.

    The student also ought to contact his or her state's attorney general's office, as the conduct of for profit colleges has come under increasing scrutiny.

    Ultimatley, only a court can force someone to do something against their wishes. A letter to the student's dean, indicating that KU is being arbitrary or capricious and that a complain to the attorney general is forthcoming (and placing KU on notice to preserve all hard copy and electronic evidence) may yeild more immediate results.

    Good luck,

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