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Can I sue a trucking company for damages to my car if the company was not insured?

Kearny, NJ |

I was pinched into a guardrail by a truck who was trying to get into my lane. I had full coverage on my car and received money from my insurance company for the total loss of the vehicle. About 6 months later I received a letter from my insurance company stating that the other party involved in the accident did not have any insurance and they were taking action against the company. I had to pay almost 2 thousand dollars in deductables as well. Can I sue this trucking company for not being insured?

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You can sue the trucking company for your out-of-pocket expenses on the theory of negligence. You don't need a cause of action for the lack of insurance. I would recommend suing in small claims court if your case is as cut and dry as you suggest.


Adam L Rothenberg

Adam L Rothenberg


Speak to the insurance carrier. They should be making a claim for your deductible as well as what they paid.


Yes, although it appears your insurance company is doing this. Were you injured?

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I banged my knee on my center console and was sore for a few days but nothing serious. My car was paid off and had to buy another one for work.

Yolanda Navarrete

Yolanda Navarrete


You should be sure to have your knee thoroughly checked out because these injuries tend to show up months later some times.


Small claims court


Yes, but as Attorney Navarette mentioned, your insurance company is doing exactly that. What other expenses did you bear from the accident? You might be able to recover that. Best of luck.

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Your insurance company is doing this already, which is fairly common, when they pay out under your collision/comprehensive coverage and it was another party's fault - your insurance company will be seeking the entire amount that they paid to you, and they will also be seeking your deductible, and if they are successful, they will return to you the deductible. They are doing this through a process called subrogation and it often goes through intra-company arbitration. Subrogation is the insurance company taking the action on your behalf -it is as if they stepped in your shoes. Since they are already pursuing it, and you are aware of it, you generally cannot file your own claim,

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Was the truck that hit you an 18 wheeler or just a passenger pick-up? If it was an 18 wheeler, the company that employed the driver (or the driver if he was a owner/operator) is required by federal law to have at least $750,000 in insurance.

If it was a passenger vehicle, then you are still free to sue, but you'd have to go after the driver's assets to collect anything you recover through the lawsuit.

I recommend that you definitely consult our firm or another truck accident lawyer to help you evaluate your options. The consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose.

You can reach us at 1-800-993-4887.


It appears your insurance company is taking charge of your litigation. If they don't file pleadings and pass on the matter I encourage you to discuss the matter at length with an attorney and prepare your own litigation plan. Of course you can seek damages.

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