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Can I sue a title company for being negligent?

Houston, TX |

I purchased land in hockley Texas. We went through a real estate agent and a title company.Both were notified that we I wanted to build a home.they said all I needed was a survey. They charged about 704 for the survey.When I went to harris county to get the building permit they said I needed platting. Platting cost about $8,000. I was never told about this platting needed. Also platting companies told me that it includes the survey. So I spent an unnecessary $704 for a survey because it needs to get done again. Plus the title company said that a survey is all i needed. They didn't inform me with the correct information. Is there anything I can do? Land also included well/septic. Turns out Both don't work. I have to redo that's about $14,000.

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  1. A title company's purpose is to insure good title to the property. Good title has to do with ownership, liens and property restrictions mostly. A title company isn't really the right place to go to ask questions about how to develop a piece of land. Negligence requires breach of a legal duty. If the title policy states the property is suitable for building residential property or had incorrect information regarding plats, there MAY be a claim.

    My first instinct would be to look at the real estate agent and the seller. Did they make any promises regarding the property being suitable for building? Do the contract or disclosures claim the property was already platted? Have a real estate attorney look at all of the paperwork from the seller, real estate agent and title company.

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