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Can I sue a private college for tricking me into going to a mental health ER and then refusing to allow me back on campus?

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Due to circumstances, I was told as a standard procedure that I would have to get a quick evaluation done with at the local mental health hospital. Then afterwards I could call college security or a friend to pick me up from the facility and take me back to my dorm room. I was told that nothing about my status as a student would be decided without my consent. Given that information, I complied with their request. The hospital cleared me as low risk but the school said I would not be able to return to campus without a guardian(I am over 20 years old) and could not be released from the hospital to them. So I was lied to in this regard. The stay at the ER was also traumatizing. Do I have a case at all in suing the admin or those involved who lied to me? Thank you.

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The description you gave of the situation is extremely vague, which is probably a good thing because I'm guessing there is a lot of very sensitive, personal information here that you really shouldn't discuss in a public forum. But without a lot more information it's not possible to say whether you have a good case. I don't think you'll have much of a case based on being tricked into going to the ER; however there may well be things that the school has done in this situation that merit a lawsuit. You should set up a consultation with an attorney as soon as possible to determine your best course of action. Good luck.



Thank you for your advice. I was vague because of the character limit and of course I also did not want to reveal everything. Is there a certain type of lawyer I should seek out? Does this fall under education law?

Sean Thomas Wright

Sean Thomas Wright


A lawyer who specializes in education law would probably be best.


Speak with a local education lawyer in person. Do not post sensitive information on line in public non confidential forum.

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