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Can I sue a Pharmacy for changing my meds without talking to my doctor or myself ?

Milwaukee, WI |

The pharmacy couldn't get the birth control I was taking and switch it to a different prescription . I called my doctor because I got all the side effect you can get from it . My doctor told me that they have never heard of the new medication . Can a pharmacy change what you are taking with out okaying it with my doctor first ?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Check with a local injury lawyer (try David Lowe in Milwaukee, he handles med mal and injury cases). I can only guess that if it is a different drug, they should not have done that. If it was the same drug, but a generic version, that could be possibly ok. Check for sure with a local atty. If you stopped taking it right away, and havent suffered much injury, it may be a tough case to pursue.

  2. If the pharmacy switched you to an entirely different medication without clearing it with your doctor, they could be liable. If they gave you a generic version and has the approval for generic on the subscription they I don't see much of a case here. The damages are not very large. Of course check with a local medical malpractice attorney for a free case evaluation to fully explore this situation.

  3. It was likely switched to a generic version to save you money.

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