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Can i sue a nail salon if i get cut on my toe and it ges real infected to the point where i almost lose my toe?

Uvalde, TX |

I recently had my toes done at a nail salon and the guy who was doing it cut my big toe on the side and i saw it drain a small bit of blood, i pulled my foot back and he just grabbed my foot and kept to what he was doing...couple days later i notice it swelling up and i cant walk on my foot because the pressure shoots right up to my toe, i go to my doctor and she immediatly starts me on atibiotics, she told me the infection was very bad i was very close to losing my toe. i have Plenty Of Pictures to show my toe was very bad! Can i sue for this?

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Of course you can, at least in theory. The case may not be so easy to prove, but the real problem suing such places, is that they often lack insurance, and if they have any assets to pay a judgment, the assets are going to be hard to find. For these reasons you may have trouble finding an attorney who will take the case. No reason not to try, though.

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