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Can I sue a lawyer who defends a lying client who is trying to ruin me?

Levittown, NY |

My wife and I are going through divore proceedings since I have grown tired of her false filings whenever she gets mad. I ws forced out of the house for no reason for 8 months while my wife and stepkids threw parties, took the rental income for their own uses, and smeared my good name in the local community. The judge informed my wife that she had to pay the mortgage and utilities but she refuses. My wife was caught in lies various times and her lawyer smiled when he got caught in the mix. My house is now under forecolsure and I am in collections. My credit is ruined and I was at 790 FICO before. I am unemployed and a high risk. My wife and stepkids have turned my won girls against me and the law guardian has not contacted me back. Can I sue for gender discrimination, abuse, etc?

My lawyer wants me to spend more money on contempt of court motion ... isn't the judge supposed to enforce his demands without me having to file and spend more money? I just took a picture of the new tenant that my wife denied. I have a lot of evidence of new tenant,especially when tenant called the police on me thinking she could have me arrested for taking pictures of living in my house. This proof is valid evidence .. documented by the same scam artists who ruined me emotionally, mentally, financially, and economically. Can I also sue the system for violating my civil rights and throwing me out of my house without cause?

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    No you can't sue "the system" and there's nothing in the information you provided that suggests gender discrimination or abuse.

    Your attorney is correct. If a party refuses to comply with a court order the proper step is to seek to have the court enforce the order, most likely through a motion seeking to hold the party in contempt.

  2. If you don't bring the other side's non-compliance to the judge's attention, how will he know? If they other party is truly in contempt and the judge grants you motion you wil likely get your legal fees paid for. In addition, it could change the entire tenor of the litigaiton.

    My advice is listen to your lawyer. You are engaged in an emotional litigation and all of the thoughts and grievances right now are not connecting.

  3. You have many valid issues but you are going to have to get them into court and that requires legal representation and paying an attorney. Failing that, you should spend some time in the law library and reading books on the topic of family law. To answer your question - I don't see any grounds here to sue the lawyer of your ex.