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Can I sue a hospital if the ER Receptionist delayed his treatment?

Virginia Beach, VA |

We took my husband in w/ symptoms of a heart attack. I asked her to get him immediate attention and that I would stay w/ her to give all and any ins info she needed. She refused to let him get treatment until ALL the info was in the computer. My husband was clearly in major distress! It took about 10 minutes before a nurse noticed him about to pass out and came and took him into the treatment room. He was diagnosed w/ having a Massive Heart Attack and transferred to another hospital. What can we do?

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  1. A ten minute delay in treatment is unlikely to affect the outcome of a heart attack.There is a certain amount of delay built into hospital procedures, unless the patient is obviously about to die. If you said an hour I would encourage you to consult a malpractice attorney. Based on the information you have provided, I doubt that your husband has a viable claim against the hospital. If he had died it might be different, but fortunately he didn't.

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  2. Agreed. 10 minutes would not have made a difference since he survived.

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  3. It is unlikely that this short delay was malpractice, however, it could be.....for example, there are countless cases, as we all know, in which delays by the triage as well as ambulances have been found to be malpractice. You would need to have a local med mal lawyer order your records and send to an expert to review to ascertain whether there was a breach of the standard of care.

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