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Can i sue a doctor who is active duty for writing prescriptions in my name for my husband,

Frederick, MD |

My husband was having an affair with this woman, she wrote the prescriptions for him in my name, so he could fill them while he was home on leave. He is a contractor in afghanistan, she is still active duty, i want to know if i can sue her for writing these prescriptions to a person she has never met

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  1. I have changed your practice area to military law. You may prefer to report this woman to her superiors if she is active duty. The military law practitioners will be better able to provide details.

  2. You have no grounds to sue her. However if you report her to her supervisor she could be in serious trouble.

  3. Odd scenario and too many facts missing. Are you active duty? Has this been reported to the government? How do you know the facts? When did this occur? Where is the Dr. Located? Where was she located when the events occurred?

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  4. As stated no suit but, you can report this to her chain of command and the can affect her clearance, her medical license, and ability to serve in the military. Just make sure you have all of your facts together...

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