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Can I sue a doctor for telling me I had a chronic disorder and getting me addicted to pain medication. Which was false

Jamestown, NY |

Almost two years ago I was diagnosed by a doctor for upper abdominal pain, he had stated to me that I had chronic pancreatitis. And had prescribed me fentanyl medications and had even gave me a stent placement in my pancreatic duct ....the fentanyl which I had gotten addicted to has changed my life dramatically Well recently went to new doctor and had numerous tests done which all came out that I DID NOT have this disorder, the drugs made me sleepy and not able to keep or get a job. And when I stopped taking them I went through such a horrible withdraw and still don't feel normal, I think being on it for so long adapted my brain to need the drug....I want to know if anyone can help me with this situation because he may be doing malpractice on many other people

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You may have a case but to fully analyse it requires a review of your medical records to see what was the basis for the doctor diagnosing you with pancreatitis in the first place, the placement of the stent, etc. You should consult with an attorney in your area who concentrates in medical malpractice, which consult is normally free, and who can have your records reviewed by a medical expert in the appropriate fields.



Ok I'm not very intelligent can you explain to me in detail exactly what steps I should take and what I should do contact etc....

Jeffrey Ira Schwimmer

Jeffrey Ira Schwimmer


Look up the phone number for your your County's Bar Association and asked to be given the names and numbers of several attorneys listed in the field of medical malpractice. Even ask if they have one listed who has handled cases involving pancreatic disorders. The same route can be taken with the New York State Bar Association, which has member statewide. Both phone numbers can likely be easily obtained through 411. Consultations in personal injury/medical malpractice are free. Any attorney you speak to will tell you what he/she may next need of you, if they are interested in exlporing your situation further. Good luck.


I agree with the previous answer. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.



Where are you located? And are you saying you may want to take my case after further review?


Based on the information you provided, it seems as though there definitely may be a meritorious medical malpractice claim.

A medical malpractice attorney will definitely need to meet with you to discuss the particulars of your case.


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