Can I sue a customer of the company I work for?

Asked about 2 years ago - Las Vegas, NV

The customer has written a letter to my corporate office accusing me of things I did not do. I have proof. The letter is potentialy harmful to my reputation and character. I have ledger notes from her account, witnesses, and time stamped materials dating my whereabouts.

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I am in nevada. The customer has used slander against me in a letter she has faxed me a copy of.

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  1. Donald Curtis Kudler

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    Answered . Yes, you could sue the customer. However, this may cause an issue with your employer.

    While there may be per se minimal damages arising out of any untrue comments to your employer by the customer, your damages will be limited unless you can show actual damages suffered by you as a result of the contact by the customer.

    This would mean showing that you were fired, denied a raise, or otherwise harmed as a result of the comments.

    At this time, I would explain myself t your employer, who I hope you have a strong and trustful relationship, and hope that it all goes away. If so, then I would not pursue the case as it would not be beneficial to take the time and effort to recover minimal damages. If you do suffer actual damages, I would speak to an attorney as soon as those damages are known.

    Hope this helps.

    /s Donald Kudler

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  2. Howard Robert Roitman


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    Answered . yes. Do you really want to get involved in suing customers? It could make it worse!

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