Can I sue a college for misreprentation of student loans?

I graduated from a for profit college, durring the application process they told me"whenever you can't pay the loans all you have to do is let the lender know, then you can begin repayment when you are able to repay." They also said "these loans are good for your credit rating." both of theses statements are untrue. I am now faced with paying back the outrageous amount of student loans and trying to maintain my credit or, putting food on my table. Please help!

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John Joseph Westerhaus

John Joseph Westerhaus

Business Attorney - Overland Park, KS

Please see my guide here:

Can you sue? yes. You can sue anybody for anything.

Do you have a cause of action? Well, fraud/misrepresentation is a cause of action, so maybe. I don't think the case would be dismissed for failure to state a claim, though.

Are you likely to win? I doubt it, though you never know. I think the issue here is that you took out the loans for education, and education is what you got. The misrepresentation isn't what induced you to further your education.

Is it going to be worthwhile to win? Probably not -- you would still have the outstanding loans, PLUS legal bills, some of which you could pay off with a judgment maybe but probably not all of it. (And it wouldn't be just for you win enough to pay off all the loans -- you got an education out of it, and the fraud played little to no impact on that).

There's all sorts of reasons to not attend for-profit colleges, and all sorts of reasons I think they should be sued into non-existence, but I am relatively confident saying that this isn't the vehicle to do it.


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