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Can I subpeona a business that I am takeing to court for their contact phone list of their current and past custumers.

Marietta, GA |

I am takeing a dance studio to court and want to know if I can subpeona the business for their current and past custumers phone numbers so that I may contact fellow dance customers parents to be a witness on my behalf. The dance studio changed the class days and times so often that I could not adjust my work schedule to bring my children to their dance classes. Most of the other parents left but they suffered no loss because they paid monthly and I paid for the entire year in advance and the studio will not refund any of my money even though they changed the days and times that I can not attend.

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You can always try to subpoena those records. It is likely they will move to prevent you from getting them. You will probably have to convince a judge to give them to you. Of course, my comments are not GA specific b/c I am not licensed to practice law in GA so you should find a GA lawyer.

Good luck.

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