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Can I still pursue EEOC and/or lawsuit for wrongful termination

Jefferson, MD |

My employment last 11.5 months. I was terminated for "working past the clock". This was done by other employees of which no action was taken against them. I was written for being incoherent after being passed-out, laying on the floor for 2+ hrs...No medical, police, etc was contacted. My mgr aware of my disability, multiple sclerosis, and did not act after several requests to better suit my work surroundings. There are more complaints. Two additional things that continue to boggle me is 1) I filed a complaint thru the employer's 3rd party and told a 3rd would contact to pursue.. 3rd party was a company employee; 2) On the EEOC website, I read a complaint can be started by phone contact to the EEOC and then a field person will follow-up. I did not rec this and wonder why.

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You said your employment lasted 11.5 months, but you didn't say when you were terminated.
So, I can't tell you if you are too late. Don't wait for a 3rd party controlled by your employer to act. File a charge wit the EEOC or the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights.
It is better to follow the directions set out for filing a written a written charge. If you don't do it online, send it by mail, certified mail, return receipt.
I've provided a link to the Maryland site. It also gives you information on the EEOC.

Several location in the Atlanta Metro Area (770)367-1234 (telephone) (202)747-2882 (facsimile)


You have 300 days from the date of termination to file a charge with the EEOC; and that is filing a charge, not completing the intake questionnaire - the latter will get you nowhere. After completing the intake questionnaire, you must then sign and file a charge to stop the 300 days from expiring. It seems that you may have a claim for discrimination as under the American Disabilities Act. Contact the EEOC immediately.

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