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Can I still get drug tested after my probation date is over even though I haven't gotten any papers to seal the deal?

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My probation officer hasn't called or emailed me about my probation since my hearing 9 months ago. I've been clean ever since. I've done all of the required tasks to complete my probation and my probation date has passed. I have not yet turned in my papers because I cannot get a hold of him. I was on juvenille imformitave probation and I just recently turned 18. Can he still drug test me after my probation date has expired? Keep in mind I haven't turned anything in yet

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If you are not on probation, then the gov has no right to ask you to test as a term of probation. The Q is are you off of probation. Probation typically begins when you are sentenced and lasts for the term ordered by the court. I am not clear about what papers you haven't turned in. If its proof of completion of your probation requirements, you definitely want to turn them in because if you don't it will look like you haven't completed your requirements. If you haven't completed your requirements, you can be violated which would then extend your probation term.

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