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Can I sponsor a friend for immigration?

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My friend wants me to sponsor him for immigration purposes. He doesen't speak the best english and I'm not sure what I'm getting into. He gave me a form to fill out that asks for my yearly income and all of my financial assets. I feel like this should not matter unless there's something I don't understand. I don't support him and he has no ties to my income or anything I own, which is not much. I would like to help him but I'm not going to jeapordize what little I have. Thank you in advance for any advice you might offer.

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Ask yourself this "why should the government go through all the troubles of asking people to fill out forms that do 'not matter'?" While the government does sometimes seem to ask people to do things that seem to make little or no sense, there is a purpose in asking someone to sign the affidavit of support. The government wants to be able to sue the person signing the affidavit of support if the intending immigrant gets certain government benefits.

The form your friend is asking you to sign likely is the Form I-864, affidavit of support. The forms are free at .

You should carefully review the form. You should review the specific facts with your attorney to see what you are getting into. If you sign the form, as noted on the form, the intending immigrant can sue you to obtain the support you promise.


If you sign an I-864 Affidavit of Support and the person is granted permanent resident status, you will be indefinitely financially responsible for him. Do not sign anything without fully understanding what you are getting into and conferring with an attorney.

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Mr. Pollock, You are saying a sponsor will be indefinitely financially responsible for the person sponsored but I'm reading its only A "sponsor" of that kind remains obligated under the Affidavit of Support until the legal permanent resident who is sponsored has worked 40 qualifying quarters [paying into Social Security], or the LPR dies, or becomes a US citizen So which one is it? 2nd question, I thought an affidavit of support can only be filed from a person who is a relative of the immigrant, i.e. mother, father, sister, brother, child but I'm reading a friend can only sponsor an immigrant?

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Scott D. Pollock


"Indefinitely" does not necessarily mean "permanently." But the I-864 sponsor cannot know when or if the immigrant will ever obtain 40 quarters (which is, after all, 10 years), or become a U.S. citizen. For your 2nd question, persons other than close relatives may serve as joint sponsors.



This whole post unfortunately gave the impression that a friend can sponsor an immigrant, No where did any of the lawyers who replied to the person asking the question said co sponsor or distinguish the difference between sponsor and co sponsor requirements. Thanks


The Affidavit of Support your friend wants you to sign, includes a contract in which you promise to pay the government back if your friend receives any "means-tested public assistance." Some people call this "welfare" but it is actually more than that.

This contract continues until your friend works and pays into Social Security for 10 years, or becomes a US citizen.

It is a very big deal. Talk to an immigration lawyer before you sign.

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If you are asking about your exact responsibilities under the affidavit of support, then you can read the form to find the wording. But, in brief, you are promising that if your friend illegally obtain certain government benefits (i.e. welfare, food stamps, etc) you will repay those amounts to the government if they sue you. As such any liability you would have is pretty limited because the amount of benefits a person could obtain from the government is very limited. The affidavit of support does not make you liable for his person debts, medical bills, credit cards, etc. The decision to sponsor him is totally up to you.

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