Can I serve house arrest in another state?

Nevada, 2nd DUI, 19 days house arrest to be served. Moving to Hawai. Can I serve them there? What do I need to do?

Reno, NV -

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James Anthony May

James Anthony May

Criminal Defense Attorney - Clearwater, FL

My opinion is based on Florida law where I practice but usually in any state, you would definitely need to get a court date before the specific judge who sentenced you and explain your situation and request that it be transferred to Hawaii. If judge agrees, you would usually have to meet with your local PO(probation officer) first and provide your Hawaii address and contact info. In the event of a violation, however, NV court would usually retain jurisdiction because that's who sentenced you and you would have to return there for any violation. This can be done what we in Florida refer to a "Motion to Modify Sentence". Good luck.

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