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Can I sell my car without the signatutre of the other person on the title in Illinois?

Streamwood, IL |

I am listed 2nd on the title, but I currently have the title in my possession along with the car. I have paid the car in full. The car was purchased with my ex-boyfriend and we had a very bad break up. I haven't heard from him in 2 years. Recently I found out from a cop at a traffic stop that my ex-boyfriends's license has been expired for over 1 year and that's why I got stopped. My ex-boyfriend threatened for me to either pay the car off and he would sign over the car or he was going to have it repossed. I paid the car off and he has yet to sign the car over to me. I have unsuccessful in reaching him and his family doesn't know where he is either.

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  1. Apparently you have not registered the car in your name or changed the plates. You should do both. Under the circumstances, signing the title over to yourself would probably not be a problem, but you should always be prepared for action if your ex ever shows up again.

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