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Can I self sponsor myself on I-134 (Affidavit of support)?

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I have enough funds to support myself for a temporary visit to US. I don't know anyone in US. Can I self sponsor myself on I 134? I read on the internet either sponsor or applicant has to show enough finances to support in the US.

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  1. You are not expected to resort to that. In situations where the I-134 is needed, I.e the fiancée visa, petitioner has to guarantee that once let into the US, the foreign national will not become a public charge.

    This requirement does not seem to apply to your particular situation. If you want to apply for a visitor's visa to come on a temporary visit and you are an adult of working age, the an affidavit of support is not necessary.

    Instead, to qualify for a B1/B2 visitor's visa you have to prove "substantial" ties to your home country, in other words a good enough financial situation there, that will guarantee to the US consulate that you will indeed return to your home country after a temporary visit of the US. What they like to see is a good, well paying job, a real profession, healthy bank accounts, as well as real estate holdings, unless you are young, e.g in your 20ies.

    In any event you will be asked to prove you'll have enough funds to support yourself while visiting the US.

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  2. An I-134 by yourself does not make sense and must come from someone residing in the U.S. It depends on the visa category under which you apply whether you need to show support.

  3. No.

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