Can I seal 2010 DUI case in Redwood City, CA?

I had filled forms CR 180-181 last month and the petition was granted. Case was dismissed. Now I've found out that my name still appears in the website and accessible to public. I have called the court several times, asking if I can seal the record. They have kept telling me that nothing I can do, that the case will be stay there forever. I have googled search; some people have stated that I can seal the DUI case, that they will destroy photos, finger prints etc. Is this true? Have any of you done this before in CA and if you can share with me, what should I do? Can I do this myself? or should I not worried about this, probably it will drop within 10 years like the record in DMV? Thank you.

Redwood City, CA -

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Joshua Kaizuka

Joshua Kaizuka

DUI / DWI Attorney - Sacramento, CA

In California, there is no true sealing of criminal records in adult cases in a situation such as yours. While obtaining relief pursuant to PC 1203.4 has benefits, it does not wipe away the records.

John M. Kaman

John M. Kaman

Criminal Defense Attorney - San Francisco, CA

There is only one way records get sealed in CA if you are not a juvenile and that is through a petition for factual innocence. You can't get that, however, once you have been convicted. The conviction and dismissal will stay on your criminal record forever and the DUI will also never be removed from the DMV records, not even after the ten years has run.

Joseph Briscoe Dane

Joseph Briscoe Dane

Criminal Defense Attorney - Tustin, CA

As an adult, you've done all you can to "clean up" your conviction by the relief in PC 1203.4 (the dismissal, commonly [and incorrectly] referred to as an expungement). It cannot be sealed, nor can you get your reports, photos, etc destroyed. Your Google search turned up information about a petition for factual innocence under PC 851.8, but after a plea of guilty, that is not an option for you.

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Alan Graham Keating

Alan Graham Keating

Criminal Defense Attorney - Seal Beach, CA

Mr. Kaizuka is correct, there is no option for you to seal your record. Your case will still appear on the docket, but it should show a plea of not guilty and that it was dismissed. I am not familiar with the court's in your county, but here in Orange County the record will show that the case was dismissed pursuant to PC 1203.4. You do have the right, in certain circumstances, to say that you were not convicted; however, even that has it's limitations. Sorry to tell you that the people you found online are misinformed about sealing your DUI record.

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Daniel Hari Vaswani

Daniel Hari Vaswani

DUI / DWI Attorney - Hayward, CA

As my colleagues have indicated, there is no true way to seal your records for convictions as an adult. As mentioned above, your records can only be sealed if you have juvenile convictions through delinquency courts (delinquency proceedings are generally confidential). However, as an adult, no such parallel exists, except for through a Petition of Innocence.

Nonetheless, expungement, as noted is still an option. However, that may not get you the desired outcome that you were misled to believe.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

Daniel H. Vaswani
Criminal/DUI Defense Attorney
Red Metric, APC (
P: +1.415.857.1733

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