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Can i run away till im 18 and get off probation?

Riverside, CA |
Filed under: Juvenile court

I am dual status with dpss and probation, dpss being the lead. i am on probation for possession of methamphetamine, resisting arrest, and false identification to a police officer. they put me up for DEJ. I am 17 1/2 years old and i have a newborn. my question is, if i run away and turn myself in when i turn 18 and leave my daughter with her dad, what will they do? will they book and release me on more probation, will they make me serve time and let me out no probation or would i be totally screwed?

I have full custody of my daughter as well, she is not a ward of the state.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. This question breaks my heart to read. Running away from these issues is definitely not the answer. It will not get you off of probation. It might get you thrown into a locked (read: jail) facility for a good long time, and cause the state to take your child away from you-- forever.
    I hope that this is not a serious question and is a prank (not a funny one.) If it is a serious question, though, please reach out to your lawyer-- you must have had one assigned to you by the court-- or find a counselor, priest, pastor, nun, friend's parent, anyone at all to help you clear your thinking and make positive decisions for the sake of your child.

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  2. If you do not comply with the court or probation orders you could be thrown in jail when they do finally catch you or turn yourself in. A probation violation will also void the DEJ. Your best bet is to tough it out and comply with the terms imposed on you. I know its tough but a little work now is better that a ton of work later.

  3. Running away will simply make matters worse.

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