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Can I request a letter stating how much time has been spent or what the fee would be from a contingency fee lawyer?

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Sorry if the Question title made no sense ; I will try to elaborate. I was "t boned" by a negligent "driver" who failed to stop at an intersection as I went through it. I got the first attorney I spoke with thinking they are all the same and this is an obvious slam dunk case with no defense for the other party or dispute of guilt. This guy has done nothing on the case for 2 years. After I harassed him He finally sent a demand letter and he accepted the first lowball ($2,000- my car was totaled and I was injured and have been out of work since) offer from Mercury without my authorization. He also cashed the check. I have signed nothing... cont. below

He should be removed for cause but I'm worried he will claim he spent all this time which he has not and then try to put a lien on whatever I get. (he can and presumably will make up bogus hours spent.I say this because he and his paralegal have been repeatedly caught lying to me and the doctors I treated with. Apparently they know and take advantage of the fact that they really have no oversight, so like common thugs devoid of a moral compass, do whatever they want and then laugh at you like " what are you gonna do about it" when confronted,which has actually literally happened in this case) To mitigate his ability to lie I want to lock down a figure on paper now before trying to fire him. Pity I have to come up with such a strategy. :(

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In contingency cases you are supposed to sign a retainer and be given a client bill of rights along with your contract. Time is generally not relevant in contingency cases unless you have more than one attorney. What you are describing sounds suspect. I would contact the Florida Bar.

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Most lawyers who work on contingency don't keep time records. From the way you describe your current lawyer you probably wouldn't get an honest statement out of him anyway, and likely he will be a pain in the neck to deal with after you discharge him. There are plenty of competent and honorable personal injury lawyers. You need to consult with other counsel and see if you can find a good one who will take over the case after it's already been messed up by this guy.

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