Can i reopen a divorce settlement after 16 years if i discover my spouce had not disclosed a severance agreement in the divorce

settlement it amounts to several thousand dollars the amount that he was given was for time of work that was during our marriage and entered into severance arrangement during our marriage the company merged and than offered him another position with a subsidary company of the parent company he had prior knowlledge to this and filed for a divorce to avoid paying me any of the severanc money he did not disclose the severance package to the courts it was never mentioned in our facts and findings and also the final decree mentions nothing i only found out by accident when i was on the internet is this not fraud also we agreed to not use lawyers but to settle assets and i found out he used the company council who had all the info on the merter and what severance packages would be i live in mn

Brainerd, MN -

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John Paul Chitwood

John Paul Chitwood

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Saint Paul, MN

Technically, you might have an argument for reopening the divorce decree, but it's a long shot given the length of time and not an easy argument to make based on the facts you lay out. Further complicating this is the fact that if it's only "several thousand dollars" (meaning less than $10,000), you will easily eat through much/most of what you would recover in a best case scenario just on legal fees.

Situations like this are why it often costs more to not spend money on a competent attorney up front.

The above is not intended as legal advice for your specific situation or intended to create an attorney-client... more

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