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Can I rent from my Boyfriend (who is a RSO)'s Aunt without CPS taking my kids away?

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My Boyfriend is a Registered Sex Offender, He was recently living at his Aunt's house, however she kicked him out because he couldn't pay the rent he has since moved and changed his address. His Aunt asked me to move in because I have the means to pay the rent. So I contacted his PO which I know legally I don't have to, but because of a recent CPS investigation Jan. 8,2013 (FYI- I still haven't heard anything) I felt like I had to inform her, However she said that she was not ok with it and she would not approve of it. I have 2 daughters living with me, 1 who is from a prev. relationship and my boyfriend is the father of the other. I am my boyfriend's supervisor, and he has approved supervised visits with my 1 daughter and no Stipulations with our daughter. He also passed a poly in Mar.

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    Hello. It would be entirely inappropriate to provide a "yes/no" sort of response to your question regarding you legally renting a certain house without consequences from Child Protection Services. CPS’ role is to ensure the safety of children, to prevent and stop maltreatment of children (in the forms of abuse and neglect). CPS performs many functions including interfacing with law enforcement, and the County Attorney’s office and the court. I urge you to seek private attorney counsel immediately. The attorney will discuss the facts of the matter with you in great detail prior to providing you with appropriate legal advice. I suggest you choose an attorney with years of experience. If finances are an issue, some attorneys, not all, will provide you with a reduced fee. I myself do so in my work. You definitely need private attorney counsel now. All the best.

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  2. My concern is that it appears that your boyfriend is not allowed unsupervised contact with minors. Is this correct? If so, I think that living with him is a time bomb waiting to go off from a CPS perspective. Their eyes are already on you, and this move won't make anything any better. If I were you I'd think long and hard about this move. What is more important, your boyfriend or your kids? Because if CPS gets involved, I guarantee they will force you to make that choice.

  3. As counsel stated, you are asking for trouble by going forward with renting from the boyfriend. Frankly, you're already asking for trouble by having a RSO as your boyfriend with potential access to your children.

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