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Can i reject a cortisone shot on workers comp

Rocklin, CA |

I have a dr apt regarding getting a cortisone shot in my back for bulging discs. I do not like the side effects of the shots and besides that this is not a permenant solution for my back problem, nor is it even considered all that effective. Its definately not a sure thing or cure. Can i refuse this treatment and keep my case open? And or settle still?

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You have every right to refuse any type of invasive treatment but I think you might want to re-think your refusal. I hear very few complalints about side effects of injections. Most of the time they help...sometimes for a short time, sometimes for a long time, sometimes forever. Your alternative is to be in pain, maybe unable to work and just hope that those discs heal themselves. Either way, your case stays open and you may be able to settle based on the record at present. I think it will be a reduced settlement but that's still a settlement.

Good luck.

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You cannot be compelled to undergo any treatment that you do not want.

However bulging disc injuries may be quite severe in terms of pain and other symptoms. If this is the case than your doctor is using treatment protocol which is quite common and which ultimately could help you or at least establish a basis for medically deciding to resort to a more involved level of care such as spinal surgery.

But as you point out, no treatment is guaranteed to be effective. In the workers' compensation system, like the health care system, ultimately you must be your own advocate in weighing the pros and cons, and risk vs. reward of each procedure.

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If the shots do not pass your risk/benefit analysis, you are ultimately in charge of your own welfare. Tell the doctor why you feel the way you do, and he will probably annotate your position in his report.

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