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Can I reinstate my Colorado cancelled license in TX?

Dallas, TX |

it was cancelled because of an unpaid parking ticket that is now paid.I have since moved to Dallas.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Texas should grant you a Texas driver's license as long as you have done everything necessary to clear up the cancellation / suspension / revocation in Colorado. In the event that you have a problem doing so, you could get an occupational driver's license (ODL) which would allow you to drive until you cleared things up in Colorado.

    You shouldn't need a lawyer to clear things up in Colorado - just call the applicable driver's license bureau there. If you need an ODL, you'll probably want a lawyer to assist you.

    This answer is for general purposes only, and is no subsitute for specific legal advice that would come from an attorney hired by you, having full knowledge regarding the facts and circumstances of your individual situation. This correspondence does not create an attorney-client relationship, and you should consult with one or more attorneys prior to acting on any of the information provided in this response.

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