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Can I refuse any communication with the divorce attorney of my soon to be ex husband?

Houston, TX |

My husband does not want to pay child support. Rather he prefers to send me a check through the office of his attorney. Is it legal for his attorney to send me checks on his behalf without my consent? I would rather do everything through the court. He doesn't want to go to court because he doesn't want to show his financial information.

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It is obvious that you have minor children. You need to hire an attorney. I don't recommend trying to do a divorce in Harris County without an attorney.

If you have an attorney representing you, then you should be talking to your attorney. But it appears from your question that you have no idea how the divorce process works in Harris County.

In Texas, he will be ordered to pay child support through the Texas Disbursement Unit in San Antonio. And, he will have to show the judge his tax returns for the past 2-3 years. If he is employed, he will have to show current pay stubs.

It appears that there has not been a temporary order hearing or else the judge would have seen his tax return and paystubs. The judge would have ordered child support and/or temp. spousal support.

If you have no money, then take the check and hire an attorney immediately.

You might want to do everything through the courts -- but you need to get in front of a judge!

I assume that you filed joint returns, if so, you can order them from the IRS. If you don't have copies of the tax returns, you can order them immediately.

Look on this excellent website and hire someone immediately. If he controls all the money, then he can be ordered by the judge to help pay your legal fees. Many attorneys offer a free consultation. So just look around and hire someone. Please don't try to do this without legal guidance.

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He cannot prevent you from filing a SAPCR suit to obtain child support. You can choose to take the checks if you prefer but if you believe you would obtain more support for your child(ren) through a court order then you should hire a local family attorney to assist you in obtain a child support order.

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For final orders all the child support would be paid through the state disbursement unit. You need to lawyer up right now.

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