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Can i recover for pain and suffering from a slip and fall at a Major food store, caused by an unmarked spill.

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Slipped and fell on an unmarked spill on the main isle, close to the Customer service desk 7/25/07. Store help knew of the spill but didn't post a warning. They were in the process of cleaning it up. Grease residue was on the floor but no safety barriers were in place. I slipped and landed on my butt and left hip area. No one came to my aid. I checked my legs for fractures and slowly got up. I filed an accident report over the phone upon returning home; i also gave a note to the clerk at the Service desk.

The home office called me the following day to ask how i was doing. Their risk management people took a verbal statement over the phone. IT WAS THEIR FAULT. I DIDN'T ADMIT TO ANY
CONTRIBUTORY FACTORS. They wanted me to submit written statement and forms; which i did not return.

I still have my original cash register receipt from that day. I also told all store personnel and their risk management reps,that there were several security cameras closeby. ; to access the footage of my fall. I still have the forms and letter from the Risk Management co.; that they wanted me to return. I went for xrays a few days after the fall. Alot of pain and discomfort, but no fractures. my insurance has a 1k limit on outpatient tests

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The answer to your question depends on whether you sustained an injury and the nature of your injury. If you sustained a serious injury that has resulted in a permanent impairment, the answer is yes. If you just sustained a bruise that didn't require medical treatment, and which resolved, it is unlikely that you will recover for pain and suffering. If you have a serious injury, it is best to consult with an attorney. Typically, large food store chains seldom pay compensation to an individual who is unrepresented.

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