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Can I received compensation from car accident?

Stafford, VA |

Two weeks ago i was rear ended , other driver at fault for following to close . I sustained lower back pain . lumbar strain . Regenerative joint disease involving the lumbar spine . I continue to have lower back spasms .

Attorney Answers 4

  1. You have posted this inquiry at least 3 times. Parenthetically, there is no "regenerative joint disease". There is "degenerative joint disease".

  2. Yes. Seek medical treatment, notify your insurance company and consult a personal injury attorney.

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  3. Yes- hire a qualified personal injury attorney.

  4. Yes. You would need to retain a personal injury lawyer to investigate. Find a lawyer with a low contingency fee, less than 30%, so you get the lion’s share of the settlement, not your lawyer. Thus, don’t get hurt twice by paying a huge fee. Good luck.

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