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Can I receive a ticket for failing to stop at stop sign when there was no oncoming traffic due to a road closure?

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Two officers were standing outside their vehicles in front of the bridge entrance. Both officers were in front of my vehicle when I stopped at the stop sign to continue straight. There was no oncoming traffic due to bridge being closed. This is normally a three way traffic stop. Officer got in his vehicle and then pulled me over claiming to have seen me tap my brakes but not stop completely. I said I did stop and he said that both of them saw me not stop. I then said I was looking over at the bridge at the time and he said "that's not good". I believe I came to a stop and had looked over at the bridge maintenance going on and noticed the road was closed. I don't think the officer could have seen me tap my brakes as he was standing in front of the bridge as I was approaching not behind me.

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Yes, you can be ticketed, even if there was no oncoming traffic. Whether a judge upholds the ticket (assuming that you contest it) will depend in part on what is written in the police report. Keep in mind that there were two officers present. It is possible, although unlikely, that both officers wrote reports. There are many ways for an attorney to attack a ticket, and there are several attorneys in your area who handle traffic tickets. Many of them would be happy to talk to you about this, very likely free of charge. You can even look them up here on Avvo.


Unfortunately, yes. If an officer has probable cause to believe you have committed a crime (failure to stop completely at a stop sign), they can pull you over and issue a citation. However, you have the right to contest this ticket. Upon contesting ticket, there arguments that can be made (i.e. the one you said about them being in front). Though there are other ways to get rid of a ticket, for example, if an officer did not follow procedures. You should consult an attorney to see if they can help you with getting rid of this ticket.

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