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Can I receive a settlement for "slip and fall" injury while pregnant?

Pomona, CA |

I was turning an aisle at a target store and didn't notice the slippery gell type substance all over the floor I fell on both knees and was in pain. I'm having trouble getting around because of my pregnancy now with my injured knees it's so much worse. I would like too see a doctor and be compensated for this unnecessary accident.

Attorney Answers 6

  1. You definitely need to get both medical and legal assistance as soon as possible. First of all, you need to make sure that everything is okay with the little bun in the oven--which I am sure everything is fine. Secondly, you need to get your knees checked out by a doctor, if you haven't already. And, third, you need to consult with an attorney at your earliest convenience. Many personal injury attorneys, like myself, offer free consultations, so you have no reason not to call today.

  2. You do have a case. You need to get to a medical doctor ASAP. The longer the time period passes between the date of Incident and your first date at doctor's office, the worse it is fit your case. Good luck

  3. Go to a doctor, see your obstetrician for a appointment and hire a lawyer ASAP. The lawyer can secure all the evidence and preserve the surveillance tapes.

  4. Get medical treatment, and call a local lawyer to investigate.

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  5. Seek proper medical treatment. Then consult with an attorney in your community.

  6. This is a premise case and it is a minefield for the inexperienced. There are a number of legal hoops you need to jump through to be successful. Next to a medical malpractice case they tend to be the most difficult. We have handled this exact case many times against Target. One of the most unfortunate matters is you are unable to get appropriate and aggressive medical care while you are pregnant, but that does not preclude you from medically documenting your injury and receiving many forms of physical therapy. You will absolutely need an attorney to assist in resolving this matter. If you having any intention of getting an attorney please do not speak with Target- let the attorney handle. You may contact our office at 800-809-8848 for a free consultation or click on the find a lawyer tab on this site.