Can I receive a possesion/paraphanalia citation or ticket in the mail?

Asked over 2 years ago - Green Bay, WI

I was driving when a police officer pulled me over and asked for my license. I did not have my license on me so he just wrote down my name, birth date and phone number. He then told me that my car smelt like marijuana and asked if i had any drugs in the vehicle and that he can call a drug dog in to search. i replied yes and handed him under a gram of marijuana, a pipe and a grinder he then began to talk to me saying that he could give me $500 misdemeanor for the possession and another $500 for paraphernalia. He also started talking about civil citations and then gave me a speech about how he knows its a light drug but use can get me into trouble with finding a job/ career. He then sent me on my way home without writing me single thing. So my question is will i receive anything in the mail?

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Or did i just get very lucky I was stopped by a County Sheriff.

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    Answered . A citation in the mail would not be the worst possible outcome. You could also be charged criminally with the possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and based upon your apparently admissions, the prosecution would not have to work too hard to get convictions. Once you have one misdemeanor marijuana possession conviction on your record, simple possession becomes a felony.

    Your right to remain silent does you no good unless you exercise it, and there is never any percentage in voluntarily speaking to the police.

    Consult a defense lawyer in your area about what to expect next, and stop talking to the police.

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    Answered . You may very well receive a ticket in the mail, it is up to the officer whether or not he writes, and sends you a ticket. He may also refer criminal charges to the district attorney's office. You can check CCAP periodically and see if any criminal charges have been filed.

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    Answered . Wow, Wisconsin is harsh for such a minor possession quantity. That is surprising to me given the state's relatively permissive view on DUI offenses. Move out west and incidents such as these will not be an issue.

    Disclaimer Information on this site is provided by Brian Scott Wayson as general information, not legal advice,... more

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