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Can I really go to jail for 2 years and get a felony for posting a nasty blog about my husband's mistress?

Kalamazoo, MI |

I posted a nasty blog on a website designed to "out" homewreckers. It was all true so I don't think she can do anything about defamation. But at the end of the blog I included her public facebook page so that women would contact her and make her feel bad about sleeping with my husband. The police called me and said that nothing would probably come of it but the maximum is a 2 year felony. I'm still married to my husband if that makes a difference, although I'm working on divorcing him. Am I seriously facing jail time for giving out a public website? I didn't give her phone, address, email.

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Why risk it? It seems like it is a form of harassment to do something like that. Focus your energy on something new and developing new meaningful relationships. Let go of your past. I am sure there are better things you can think of to do with your time. Until you actually get charged with something, no you aren't facing any time, but why risk it? Seems petty and immature.

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Depending on the specifics of what you wrote, you could at the very least be sued in civil court. I understand that you were deeply hurt by the situation, but whatever satisfaction you gain by putting up the blog post isn't worth the risk. Take down the blog post and take steps to move on and get her and your husband out of your life. In the long run that will be a lot more satisfactory.

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My concern is that you have actually been contacted by the police. While they said that nothing would probably come of it, that is not really their decision. As discussions take place with the police and the district attorney's office, someone may decide this is worth persuing.

I recommend that you do not publish anything else about this situation on a public web site like this. That information could come back to haunt you.

At this point in time, you might want to have a free initial consultation with a criminal lawyer (who also claims to know Internet law.) in your home town. You can probably find the right lawyer for you here on avvo.

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