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Can i put non-biological father's name on birth certificate if contact with biological father is not able to be contacted?

Harrison, AR |
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my daughter is 2 months old now & the biological father doesn't want anything to do with her, has blocked me from any contact whatsoever. my bf has been there the whole pregnancy. is it possible to put him on her birth certificate w/o having biological father signing his rights over bc i cant get a hold of him at all?

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If you and your boyfriend sign the Acknowledgment of Paternity, it is a statement under oath that your boyfriend is the biological father. Do you really wish to start your baby's life off with a lie?

Besides the perjury, the biological father could always file a paternity action and request a DNA test and be adjudicated the father.

If the biological father does not want to have anything to do with the child, then, you wouldn't be gaining anything from having your boyfriend's name on the birth certificate, other than causing a few complications for both you and your boyfriend when it comes to child support and possibly visitation if you and your boyfriend break up.

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If your boyfriend is that serious about it, see if he is willing to adopt her. If the bio dad really doesn't want anything to do with her, he will likely sign off his parental rights and agree to the adoption. Then she will be his daughter legally and she will have his last name if you want that.

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I wouldn't advise filing an adoption petition unless you and your boyfriend get married. And I would advise against getting married just so you boyfriend can adopt your daughter.

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