Can i put charges against my child's mother for not influencing her to be part of my life for mental and emotional abuse.

My child is in another state. She is trying to take her away from me. She has also filed false abuse charges. The courts are making me pay for investigators, psychologist etc. I am drained off money. Mother asked for me to sign off for everything to go away, she has me in a corner. Looking for advise, what is my next step? what are my rights?

Hillsborough, NJ -

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Philip Smith Burnham II

Philip Smith Burnham II

Family Law Attorney - Marlton, NJ

I cannot tell from your question whether the litigation is in New Jersey or another state and whether there is a current custody/vistation order in place. If she relocated with the child it had to be done with your written consent or by an order from a court in New Jersey. It would be impossible to advise you as to the next step without knowing what the abuse charges are, where they were filed, are they still pending, why are you paying for investigators, etc. If you provide more information, I might be able to provide a more detailed response.

Also, "signing off", whatever that means, will not relieve of your obligation to support the child.

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Yolanda Navarrete

Yolanda Navarrete

Family Law Attorney - Morristown, NJ

It sounds like you have already filed a complaint for this. Unfortunately is costs money to prove your allegations. I don't understand why she doesn't have to pay half of expert costs.

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Michael L Rich

Michael L Rich

Child Abuse Lawyer - Waltham, MA

I don't practice in New Jersey and it may be that you need to get the advice you are looking for from an attorney in the state where your child lives. It partly depends on what your parenting agreement or most recent court orders say about where the child legitimately lives.

"Charges ... for not influencing her to be part of my life" sounds like you are saying the mother violated the judgment. That would be a contempt action rather than "charges," which usually means a criminal complaint.

"Charges ... for mental and emotional abuse" would need to be brought up with the child protective services (CPS) agency or police where the abuse is alleged to be occurring.

If you truly no longer have money, most states have provisions for indigent (i.e., low income) people to have the costs of litigation paid for by the state. Check that out with the clerk's office or website for the court where the action is pending.

In Massachusetts, where I practice, "sign[ing] off for everything" will not get you off the hook for child support or for any of the fees which have already been incurred and for which the court told you you are responsible. It also might not get you off the hook for any "abuse charges" the mother has filed on you. If the CPS agency has already supported, substantiated or founded the allegations against you, you would want to appeal to try to convince a hearing officer that those allegations are false. There is usually a very short deadline (most often 30 days) after the finding to file for the appeal.

Your next step is to discuss your case in detail with an experienced family law or CPS defense attorney in the location where the case(s) is(are) pending. Your rights vary depending on the venue where the case is, the status of any court or CPS cases and the facts surrounding your child's best interests.

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