Can I provide a home to a homeless minor?

A 16 year old minor whose parents have no interest in the child's life is in need of a home, preferably a support system and dedicated adult. I am not related in any way. What steps would need to be taken to allow me to provide the home? Is guardianship or adoption the only option? Though it's absolutely the right thing to do, is this just too risky from a legal perspective? The key complication, above all, is that we are a same-sex (male) couple, without any children. Again I emphasize that offering the home is the right thing to do in EVERY way, but we have legitimate concerns about the perception and possible ramifications. I don't want to tell the kid that I won't help, he needs and deserves the support, but there are obvious concerns. Where do I start a process, and what options woul

Missoula, MT -

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Mark Alan Mackin

Mark Alan Mackin

Child Abuse Lawyer - Helena, MT

This is too delicate to be casual about. You are asking for trouble if you do not consult a family court attorney and follow legal advice, which will depend on the facts, including available third party resources to protect the child while you work through the paper. There may be resources specific to homeless teens.

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